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Celebrating its 15th Years’ Anniversary, Phuket Wake Park will host the first IWWF Asian Cable Wakeboard & Wakeskate Cup on 7th & 8th May 2016.

The top-ranked riders from the Asian region will be invited to compete in this inaugural event, which is sanctioned by IWWF Asia and supported by the Thailand Extreme Sports Association (TESA).

Oleksandra Bondarenko, CEO of Phuket Wake Park welcomes all riders to the highlight event of this year: ‘We are excitingly proud to host the 1st IWWF Asian Cup in May at PHUKET WAKE PARK! Our international team is ready to run this event with youth enthusiasm, mature experience and fun creativity! Please come and enjoy our active, sportive and positive lifestyle.’


Cable Wakeboarding is one of the fastest growing sports in Asia and the number of new Wake Parks being built in Asia and competitions being hosted in the last 2 years shows the growth of the sport and interest from the cable park owners.

After last year’s successful first IWWF Asia & Oceania Cable Wakeboard & Wakeskate Championships in Taiwan, this year’s IWWF Asia Cable Wakeboard & Wakeskate Cup will be another milestone for the sport in Asia. 

Media contact for more information:


Iryna Grankina – Marketing Manager (Secretary), PWP


Email: pr@phuketwakepark.com


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