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05.11.2016 Congratulations to DMYTRO MASSALOV, our pro-coach and team rider to gain 2d place in MASTERS DIVISION!

Last weekend in Philippines at CWC (CamSurWatersports Complex) Phuket Wake Park team was taking part in WWA WakePark World Championship 2016:

Nui Srirasin, Thai national rider and our manager tried her skills in Pro Women division among such wakeboarding monsters as Julia Rick and Maxine Sapullete,so now you see that there was no chance to win in this uneven battle...

Roman Vagin, our wake school coach, decided to compete among best of the best wakeskaters of the world and joined Pro Wakeskate division. It was a very desperate step from his side but still he got invaluable experience!

But it is not all "HOT NEWS":

This year we had a great opportunity to watch LIVE STREAM from the biggest & exciting wakeboarding event and we are all deeply disappointed with WWA judging system and final score results, because we were sure in victory of our next team rider. Anyway we want to congratulate DMYTRO MASSALOV, our pro-coach and venue star, to gain 2d place in MASTERS DIVISION!


Diman Mayson is definitely the World Champion, no matter what!




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